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Our sponsors and partners

CBCS (ČESON) is member of BatLife

Organisation structure

Name of the organisation:
Czech Bat Conservation Society - Česká společnost pro ochranu netopýrů (ČESON)
Legal form:
non-governmental organisation listed in the Register of Associations by the Prague Municipal Court, section L, item 5183
Activity: Czech and Slovak Republics
Residence: Katedra zoologie PřF UK, Viničná 7, 128 00 Praha 2
IČO: 49370731
DIČ: CZ49370731 (VAT registered company)
Bank account number: 4413339/0800
Statutory representatives: Ivan Horáček (president), Petr Benda (vice-president), Tomáš Bartonička (director), Petra Schnitzerová (deputy director)
E-mail: netopyr@ceson.org
Phone: director: +420 774 080 402, deputy director: +420 605 870 323
Data Box ID: kxvuut8

If you need any advice on bats, call +420 737 121 672.

The supreme body of ČESON is the general assembly. The board, auditing committee and president are elected and the statutes are approved by the general assembly. The board is a supervisory and strategic body, it consists of seven members. The auditing committee has three members.

Board (2019-2024):
Ivan Horáček (president), Petr Benda (vice-president), Petra Schnitzerová, Radek Lučan, Jiří Šafář, Antonín Reiter, Michal Andreas

Auditing committee (2019-2024): Vladimír Hanzal, Dagmar Zieglerová a Helena Jahelková


If you wish to become a ČESON member, please contact ČESON, Katedra zoologie PřF UK, Viničná 7, 128 00 Praha 2, netopyr@ceson.org. Give your name, address and e-mail address in the application, as well as details on your motivation. Your application will be discussed by the board. Thank you.

You will be informed about the activities of the society and events for members by an electronic newsletter. The membership can be cancelled at any time upon request. If you do not pay the membership fee for three years, your membership will be suspended. Each member can be provided with a ČESON member card, which may facilitate communication with owners and administrators of buildings or lands used by bats. To be able to make out a member card for you, please send us your photo, personal identification number and address.

The annual membership fee (300 CZK) can be sent to the account no. 4413339/0800. Please give your name in the note, so that your payment can be identified in the account statement.

Support bats

You can also support our projects on the conservation of bats and their roosts by making a donation. It can be sent to our account no. 4413339/0800 (in the note, please mention „name and surname, donation for bat conservation“). We can send you a certificate for tax concessions. Please contact us (netopyr@ceson.org).

Thanks to all our supporters and donors!